Jan 27, 2009

My new hobby

I have a new hobby - and I'm completely addicted! When I was pregnant with Emerald we decided to bite the bullet and buy a nice camera so we would have some decent pictures of the kids. We were spending way too much on having pictures taken by other people...and they turned out ok - but we missed all the 'unposed' daily life that happens at home.
So we bought a camera, I took a class, and we started acquiring more gear. Now with 3 different lenses, flashes, gadgets, and a lot of software...I can't stop taking pictures. I'm on a mission to capture the best moments of my kids! Here are 2 of my most recent favorites. I was playing with the kids in their room and the lighting was perfect so I got out the camera.

Emerald's eyes just melt my heart! And she looks so tiny in the crib that Michael made.


Elliott looks a little guilty here because he sat on his sister right before I snapped this! That little stinker!


My biggest pet peeves when it comes to photography are 1) Elliott almost always refuses to look directly at the camera and 2) I'm never IN any pictures anymore - I'm always behind the camera.
Oh well. It's still fun. I'm hoping to keep this blog updated with the latest when I take them.


  1. Hey Liz! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a blog! I'm thrilled, as an Auntie, I want to be up to date with my favorite little boy and girl! What darling pictures! And YAY YAY YAY- for baby number three! :-) We're soooo happy for you guys! Many hugs and love!

  2. elizabeth! these are soo cute & funny. even though you'll be super-pregnant, when our next baby comes, you HAVE to take some pictures for us. but we can't pay you! haha. you'll just have to take it out of my check. :)
    also, before seth leaves for his training i wanted to get some pictures of him that i could blow up really big for the kids' rooms.


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