Feb 13, 2009


I whole heartedly believe that pregnant women have some strong cravings when they're expecting - and it's certainly true for me too. When I was pregnant with Elliott the only major craving I had was for Planter's cheese balls. Weird, I know. I usually don't even like things like that - but I looked high and low. I don't even think they make them anymore because I never found them. I tried a few similar things - but it just wasn't the same.
With Emerald, I craved super spicy Thai food from my favorite Thai restaurant. I had it so much that Michael started refusing to eat there because he was so sick of it! Then in the last month the only thing that sounded good to me was fresh fruit. So I constantly ran to the grocery store to get fresh pineapple, strawberries, pears, etc.
This time - I already have a huge craving too. It started one day a few weeks ago when I felt especially queasy and only one thing sounded appealing...rootbeer barrels! So I've been looking at each store I go to over the past couple of weeks and I can't find them anywhere!
Bottom line - don't underestimate the cravings of a pregnant woman. I'm on a mission to track down rootbeer barrels!

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  1. Congratulations Elizabeth! How exciting! We're expecting baby #2 mid-April. Welcome to pregnancy again! Hope you are feeling great!



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