May 13, 2009

Emerald is ONE!

Our little Emerald is one today! It's hard to believe a year has already gone by. In some ways, today feels like a celebration for the rest of the family for making it through a year! Until about 6 weeks ago, Emma was a pretty difficult little girl. But now she is happy more often than she is crying and we are starting to see her personality come out more and more each day. She's actually FUN to be with now...which we were unsure would ever happen after so many months of her just being miserable.
Our computer is finally fixed and since I'm back to feeling 'normal' I can finally begin to post more pictures. (Looking at the computer seemed to make my morning sickness worse - but that's all behind us now!)
We have some cute pictures of Emma's first bites of cake and party that I'll be posting soon. For now, here's one of our little birthday girl that I took a few months ago.

1 comment:

  1. My word, that picture is just stunning. I should have you come take Bennett's two year pics. Would you want to do that? Just let me know what I could pay you!


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