May 20, 2009

Pobrecito Elliott was our first trip for stitches. I think it's always pretty inevitable when you have kids that at some point they'll break an arm or something. It's more a matter of 'when' and 'what' the injury will be than 'if' it will happen - it will! Our trip was for a split-open head.

We had a very busy morning and after lunch the kids were both tired so I put them down for their naps. Elliott doesn't like taking naps much anymore but he still has 'quiet time' and I don't care if he's awake as long as he stays in his bed and looks at books or something.
At one point, I heard him crying but it didn't sound like anything major, just like he wanted to get out of his room. So I slowly made my way upstairs and opened his door. To my surprise, I was greeted by my little boy, covered in blood. (sorry for you squeamish ones out there - but it was quite shocking) There also was blood all over the floor, the door, etc.
Thankfully, I'm not one to really freak out - I stay very calm. I just tried to figure out where he was bleeding. It took a minute to see that it all was coming from the back of his head.
I couldn't tell how bad the cut was because his hair (and blood) covered it. So I put him in the bathtub to clean him up a little and further assess the damage.
He was acting fine by this point and having fun in the bathtub - but I could tell the cut was decently big and open. to Urgent Care we went. It didn't seem bad enough to me to take him to the ER or anything. We actually got snacks put together first so the kids would be occupied while in the waiting room. So we didn't actually see the doctor until almost 2 hours after he fell. (I think the doctor was a little irked with me about that one.)
We had talked about shaving his head again last weekend since his hair is getting so long and I wish we would have, it would have made the whole thing today much easier.
Elliott ended up getting 3 staples in his head - which was a pretty traumatic experience for him because they don't numb it or anything. But he quickly forgot about the pain and wanted to go home.
Here's the little guy right after we got home. He crawled onto the couch and tucked himself in with some blankets to watch a Diego video.

The injury happened because Elliott got out a chair and stood on the back of it to try to climb in Emma's crib. When he fell he came straight down onto the back of the wooden chair. It will be interesting to see if he's learned a lesson through this or if the temptation to bug his sister will be too much for him and he'll try it again!

One last note: we found out at the doctor today that Elliott is officially over the 40 pound mark. Yikes - I knew he felt heavy when I lift him now but whoa! If only Emerald would have a little of that gene she'd be able to get out of 6 month clothes!


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