May 22, 2009


Elliott loves playing with keeps him occupied for hours! So we decided a sandbox would be a welcome addition to our yard this summer. The problem is, Michael is still working to finish up the basement and doesn't have time to build a nice wood one at the moment. Our temporary solution was to buy a super cheap plastic pool and fill it with sand. When the permanent sandbox is built we can transfer the sand and then use the little pool. It worked out well and sure enough, Elliott spent almost 2 hours playing in it this afternoon. Here are a couple quick pictures.

It's amazing how 'good' he is when he's busy playing.

Emerald is still too small to be interested in the sand...but she loves being outside and finding little things to get into. (she was also quite fascinated with every ant that happened to scurry by her) I love this picture because I think it's the first one we've really had to show her 2 cute little teeth.

1 comment:

  1. kisses kisses kisses to them both!
    Liz I'm not ignoring you. just been sick. I do wanna catch up!


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