Jun 22, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Here are a few new pictures of the kids from the past week or so at the park and the pool. I've gotten lots of new Photoshop tools to play with and I'm having fun editing my pictures. Sadly, Michael does not like the way I pp (post produce) my pictures - but I thought I'd post a few with different effects applied so you can decide for yourself. Love? Hate?

Here's Elliott coming down the waterslide - he is now fearless in the water - yikes! I'm SO glad we're doing swimming lessons this year because he likes to jump right in whether someone is there to catch him or not.

Here's Emma playing in the fountains. This is actually pretty much sooc (straight out of camera) - I just cropped it and added a touch of high key light. It's funny when I put a bunch of pictures in a row like this - you can see what her favorite expression is. :)

Emerald has now discovered how fun the swing can be. She loves it!

Same picture - but this one is in the 'cotton candy' style.

Same picture again in the 'strawberry ice cream' style.

Here's Emma seeing Daddy on the slide. This is close to the original image sooc with slight color pop and sharpening.

Same picture - just cropped and done in the 'hot dog' style.

Same picture back in color - but with texture added this time.

I'll post more pictures soon. Emerald has changed so much - she looks so different with a mouthful of teeth and she has been trying to walk more than ever. Thankfully, she's also getting a little chubby - maybe she's even made it to the 25th percentile! :) I'm also trying to finish editing some videos of Elliott playing baseball. If it's nice outside - you'll find him in the yard hitting baseballs non-stop! It's fun to see the videos from him starting to play before he could walk - I'll try to post soon.


  1. You are a great photographer and I love the photoshop touches. Your kids' eyes are beautiful! May I ask what camera you use? I'm thinking of treating myself to an upgrade soon! Thank you.

  2. great work maam. - I love the hot dog and strawberries


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