Aug 31, 2009

Cute clothes

I wanted to post a couple pictures of the kids in some fun new clothes. Emerald is finally big enough to wear some of the clothes given to her last Christmas! Yesterday I posted a picture of her in her Tea dress from Susan. Today, my little girl looks ready for college in her Cedarville shirt from my friend Sarah. Thanks Sarah!

My very crafty sister-in-law Amanda made these adorable shirts for the kids. I love my big 'E' and little 'e'. SO cute! Thank you Amanda!

I tried to make a pair of bloomers for Emerald - but am not nearly the crafty type. Soon I'll post a picture of what turned out to be the most expensive pair of shorts Emma has ever had - along with a few other crafty things I've tried lately. (You'll get a good laugh.)
The last little clothes I want to post are the coming home outfits I picked out for the new baby. I had more trouble with that this time than either of the other times. I found the perfect outfits (one was dark blue and one was dark pink) but they only sold newborn sizes and I wanted 0-3 months. (if this baby is like Elliott - even that will be too small!)
I finally found these little shirts and thought they'd be cute too. Stay tuned in a few weeks to see which one gets worn!


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