Sep 13, 2009

Baby update

I thought I would just blog an update since when I call people now I feel like I let them down that I'm just calling to chat...and don't have baby news yet. :) Technically I have a little over a week left until my due date. I had an appointment on Friday and saw the midwife that delivered both of my other kids. She said she's on call next weekend and thinks that's when the baby will arrive so she can deliver it. :)
Last night I ran a few errands by myself and even without the kids, it took me over an hour to get groceries...I'm so slow! I officially 'waddle' when I walk and have lots of labor-ish pains that come and go. Despite that...I'm not in a hurry to have the baby and am fine if it waits a week or more to come because once it's's here. I'm trying to just relax and enjoy the other two kids and get lots of cuddle time with Emma who doesn't even know her baby status is about to change drastically.

Friday night we went out on a date, which we really hadn't gotten to do in a while. Just another reason I'm glad the baby has waited to come. I dragged Michael to the movie Julie & Julia and we both really liked it. Then we went to a late dinner - at 10! Wow - that's one big way to feel old...when you just about want to fall asleep while you're eating out! One fun thing to note about dinner though...we sat at a table next to Shawn Johnson! Sweet girl!

We have two prayer requests between now and when the baby is born:
1. Right now the baby has dropped and is head-down but face-up. We would love for it to turn on its own before I actually go into labor.
2. I was Group B Strep positive this time...which I never have been before so I didn't understand all that's involved with that. It's not a huge deal...but once you get to the hospital they want you to have antibiotics over a 4 hour period to drastically lessen the chances the baby will get sick. Chances are - I will not be in labor at the hospital for 4 hours. So when you can't get all of the medicine, they tend to err on the side of caution and over-medicate the baby if there is ANY sign that it could be sick. That means 7 days of IV antibiotics for the baby...and we would have to leave it in the hospital. I'm sure we'll learn a lot more in the hospital before any of that would happen. But it's a crazy thing to think about - you don't want a new baby to have unnecessary medicine...but the thought of them getting severe pneumonia or meningitis if they don't get the medicine is terrible too.
We're not worried because quite frankly...we're not in control! So we will just trust and learn as much as we can. I haven't gotten to talk to anyone I know who's been GBS positive - so if you have been, I'd love to hear about how your labor and treatment went.

On a happy note...I think we may have come up with a girl's name today! I heard one that I hadn't heard in a while and looked up the meaning. While we're not 100% sure, we both really like it, it has a great meaning, and the nicknames are fun. Plus, we couldn't think of anything obvious that other kids would call her to make fun of her name. The problem with it is that there are no good middle names that sound right with it. Maybe we'll just give her a middle initial and she can make something up later. :)
Still need a boy's name...


  1. Hey Elizabeth! Kim delivered your kids, right? I'm expecting to have this boy this coming Thursday night or Friday morning (I go in Thurs. morning and I know they'll strip my membranes). I've been hoping Kim or Sea is on call those two days. I just don't want Susan...maybe we'll be at the hospital at the same time. How fun would that be?!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Sending big prayers your way! I was GBS with Ethan, but not Eva...strange. Everything went fine with Ethan. He did NOT get sick and labor and delivery were just fine. My water broke at home with him, so I was not allowed to do the whirlpool due to GBS, but otherwise it was fine. labor was about 5 hours. Eva was about 2 1/2 GBS. God is good and your little one is safe in HIS able hands!

  3. I'll be praying for you Liz! Hugs and love ya!

  4. Hi Elizabeth. This is Rachael "Tink" Stensrud. I went to school with Andrew. I was GBS positive with all 3 of my big deal. And with my oldest my labor went too fast and they couldn't give me the iv meds....Reagan was very healthy without them. Just thought Id let you know that with or without the medicine, chances are very low for your baby to get sick. Its more of a prevention thing. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery. 3 kids are a lot of fun!!! :)


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