Sep 17, 2009

Catching up on pictures

First of all...I want to say thank you to everyone who has told me about their experiences being gbs positive. I didn't think I knew anyone that had it - but it turns out LOTS of people have with at least one of their children. The best part is that nobody's baby has gotten sick from it. I'm feeling much better about it after hearing from you all. Thanks!

I was looking through some pictures and realized that there are some things from this summer that I never even blogged. I also asked Michael to start taking some pictures the past couple of days since there are hardly any of me during this pregnancy. So...I'm catching up on posting...enjoy the pics. :)

We had fun getting to know Tinashe, an international student from Zimbabwe who was studying here. We first met when he was a freshman and it's hard to believe that this year was already graduation for him. His family came to visit and we all went out to celebrate. What a fun family - we'd love to visit them someday in Zim.

Here are a couple random pics of the kids from July. Elliott loves bubbles in the tub. (But let's face it - what kid doesn't?) We spent a lot of time in the yard too. In the middle picture I was trying to practice getting some sun flare in a picture - and Emma was not happy about getting her picture taken. One of Elliott's favorite activities outside was trying to kick a beach ball so that it would get stuck in a tree. Hours of fun.

This is one of my favorite pictures of these two. :)

One of the most fun things we did as a family this summer was go to a local amusement park. It's small but all of the rides are the perfect size for Elliott. He LOVED it. Emerald and I didn't get to ride much, but we still had fun too. The night we went the park was practically empty because it was really unseasonably cold! We almost needed coats. I had no warm clothes for Emerald yet, so she got to wear Elliott's sweatshirt...too cute!

This was a fun trip to the zoo with some friends. The kids had fun together feeding the fish, feeding the giraffes, and seeing all the animals.

Here are the most recent pictures. I got a fun photoshop tool and Elliott has loved seeing himself in pictures as a fireman, or cowboy, alien, etc. I'm sure I'll be posting more of these because they're so fun to make! Last weekend Michael got started on the built-ins for the basement...which means we're much closer to being done! The kids had fun playing and watching Daddy too. The last picture here looks odd - but it was a fun camera trick to try. It's really just one picture with a long shutter speed so Michael stayed in one place for a couple seconds and then moved quickly to the other spot.

Random pics of my humongous belly and my cute little baby. (my youngest for the next few hours or days) At first the midwives thought this baby would be smaller than the other 2 - which it might be. But right now my waist measurement is over 47 inches!! My maternity clothes don't even fit anymore. It will be interesting to see how big this baby really is.

Lastly, here is my cutie pie baby. She can make some crazy faces. I was trying to get a picture of her 3 little curls - it's still the only hair she has. Someday I hope she'll have enough hair for me to put bows in it. :)

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow stay tuned. So far with BOTH of the other two, I've gone straight to the hospital right after my last appointment. Maybe this baby will hang out a while longer...we'll just see. :)


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