Sep 7, 2009


It's Labor Day...but not for far. We're very glad that the baby wasn't born in August and has held out - and now it could be born anytime. It's so strange to feel like a 'ticking time bomb'. I went and got my hair colored and highlighted over the weekend (it turned out terribly and has since been dyed again, but that's a post for another day). The whole time I was sitting at the salon (almost 5 hours!) I was thinking about different scenarios...what if my water broke right now or I started having crazy contractions? I still know in my head that things will probably not happen that dramatically - but when I know I'm going to be in a place for several hours...I think through my exit in case I have to go quickly! :)

I see pregnancy as one of the big 'unknowns' that still exists. With technology now...there aren't many things that are true surprises anymore. But no one can predict when a baby will arrive. And we'll also have the surprise of finding out whether this little one we've been thinking about and praying for is a boy or girl. I'm sure I'll post after the baby is born to confirm or deny this - but I really think not knowing the gender helps during labor. Now if only we had some names ready...yikes!

So since I can't know how any of it will are my guesses. Feel free to play along and post a guess if you feel so inclined.

Birthdate: Thursday, September 17th
Time: 2pm
Labor: 1 hour
Weight: 8 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 20 inches
Gender: Girl
Name: ?? your guess is truly as good as mine at this point - we honestly have NO idea

Here are Michael's guesses
Birthdate: Sunday, September 20th
Time: 5pm
Labor: 2 hours
Weight: 8 pounds even
Length: 20 inches
Gender: Girl
Name: ???


  1. That's funny- I can totally relate to the "what if my water broke at this moment?!" feeling. We were about 45 minutes South of Des Moines on Saturday at this outdoor Battle of the Bands type concert and as I was sitting in a camp chair in my sundress, I thought, if my water broke right now, it would be so humiliating to walk across this parking lot with a huge wet spot on my dress!! But of course I knew it wouldn't really happen :)
    I'm suspecting I'll deliver middle of next week so we'll see who's first!!

  2. Birthdate: Monday, Septmber 14th
    Time: 2:30 AM
    Labor: 27 minutes
    Weight: 8 pounds 1 oz
    Length: 19 inches
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Mnneapolis Nevaeh Caven



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