Oct 18, 2009

Fall fun

For the past 2 years we have gone to a pumpkin patch to celebrate Elliott's birthday. Crazy enough, it's been 90 degrees both years...in October! This year we had record lows and I'm glad we didn't plan the pumpkin patch birthday party again. (I'll post pics soon of Elliott's big THIRD birthday party.)

We tried to pick a semi-warm day and take the kids to the pumpkin patch this year. Jo Lyn came with us and the kids had a blast!

We found this fun old truck to take pictures with. The close up of Emerald is my new favorite picture of her. You can see the original picture below that...I couldn't decide if I liked color, vintage, or black and white better...so here's all 3.

We made an unexpected trip up North this weekend (and were there less than 24 hours)! But we got to spend time with Janet and go to Amanda and Charlie's house to decorate pumpkins...SO fun! Emerald was especially adorable because this was the first time I ever let her have a paintbrush...she loved it!
Charlie helped Elliott scoop out the inside of a pumpkin but he wasn't too excited about helping or carving it. Although, he did love working with Amanda to push in some big Mr. Potato head-like pieces into a pumpkin. What a fun day!


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