Oct 25, 2009

More fall fun

Some pictures from the last week...

We took the kids to the zoo for their annual fall fundraiser. The kids got to wear their costumes and get lots of candy! Elliott was a gorilla (a fitting costume at the zoo) and Emerald was an adorable little flower. We even found a costume for Isabella...she was the tiniest ladybug I've ever seen. Daddy decided to get in on the fun and wore one of his crazy hats that he normally saves for baseball games. (I did not dress up...maybe next year!)

Another highlight of the week was visiting my grandparents so they could meet Isabella for the first time.

It seems like our fall has been cut short by an early snow and lots of rain. Sadly, we missed the peak of the fall colors. But we walked to the park last night and got some pictures of the kids with some of the pretty leaves still on the ground. Emma loves picking up sticks and rocks as she walks and had fun being out of the stroller for a while. She actually kept up pretty well...she's getting faster. Elliott got a new set of golf clubs this week and was trying them out. He has an amazingly good natural swing and had fun aiming at trees.


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