Nov 9, 2009

Six Years!!

Michael and I met six years ago today. It's hard to believe that so much has happened since then. But it's also fun to think back about our whirlwind romance! :)

The quick story: Some friends said they wanted to try out a new church one Sunday and so we all decided to check it out together. We went to the singles group before the service...and the MINUTE we walked in I saw him! Tall, dark, and uber-handsome Michael.

We ended up sitting in a small group circle together and at one point he mentioned that he would be going to Guatemala in February. Ah ha! That was my 'in.' I don't think I paid attention to anything else said by anyone during the ABF...I just thought about some ways to strike up a conversation with him.

When we got to the church service I made sure to sit right in front of him. During the 'meet and greet' time of the service, I turned right around and introduced myself and mentioned that I had lived in Costa Rica...and if he ever wanted to practice Spanish before his trip he should give me a call.

Is it bad to give your number to a guy during a church service? Maybe. But that's what happened. My friends and I were going out to lunch that afternoon and invited him. He showed up.

That week was our first date...and our second. We started out speaking mostly in Spanish to each other (that didn't last long). The rest is pretty much history. We met each other's families within a couple weeks after we met and I remember telling a friend that I thought we'd be engaged by Christmas. (about 6 weeks after we met!)

It wasn't quite THAT fast...but we were married within a year!

Sadly, we hardly have any pictures of us when we were dating. Here are the only ones I could find.
Our first Christmas together

Hot air ballooning the summer after we met

Hanging out at my parents' house (the date on this picture is wrong for some reason)

When we got engaged, he surprised me by whisking me away for a weekend to Niagara Falls! I had never been there before and it was gorgeous!

He took me on a horse and carriage ride overlooking the Falls and popped the question.

Engagement pictures. Don't we look like babies? We felt so old but looking back on it now we look SO young! Or maybe now we just look really old...I think kids have aged us. :)

The things that drew me to him when we first met are still true today. He's a hard worker, very disciplined, a great spiritual leader who loves the Lord, and...he's HOT! :) I love you Michael, and am so glad God brought us both to the same ABF at Valley Church 6 years ago today!

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