Dec 29, 2009


With a new year starting this week, I thought I'd share something we did a couple years ago to start a new year off fresh. I handle the finances in our house and used to use Microsoft Money but switched to the online tool called Mvelopes from Crown Financial after we went through the FInancial Peace University program. (this isn't Dave Ramsey's tool, but it uses the idea of the envelopes like he does)

I pay all my bills through it and love it! We've used it for a couple years now and I highly recommend it. You can use the link here to try it. They'll give you 25% off right now through this link and they give us a few dollars in our account if you sign up too.

Sorry for the 'commercial' but thought it may help a few people. It's really nice to go to ONE place and see ALL of our accounts at the same time instead of checking each different site everyday. Hope you like it too!



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