Dec 14, 2009

Wood and silverware

The day after Thanksgiving was our 5 year wedding anniversary! It is SO hard to believe 5 years have already passed...but then again when I look at all that's happened it feels like it should have been longer than just 5 years!

Here's a little video of our wedding and surrounding events. It's fun to think back to our whirlwind romance. :) We met, dated, got engaged, and were married within a year. The video starts with a couple pics of our dating and engagement.

Our wedding was literally my 'dream' wedding. There are only two things that didn't work out the way I would have liked. One is that it was too windy for our fireworks so we had to cancel them. The second is that I was SO sick! The only time I felt okay was during the actual ceremony because I think I was going on adrenaline. Oh well.

Our honeymoon was beyond wonderful (except for me being sick still) and some pictures from that are on this video too.

The song on the video is one that my brother and I wrote and performed for the wedding. I had sung in a lot of friends' weddings over the years so decided I'd try to sing for mine too. :)

Some of these pictures were taken by Catchlight Imaging.

Now to the anniversary. We got away for a night for the first time in who knows how long. Thanks again to Grandma and Grandpa C. :) We stayed in downtown Minneapolis at the Graves 601. Very fun!

We rarely get pictures of the two of us together so we thought it would be fun to try. We ended up with this silliness...but I have to say that I completely understand why my kids have a fascination with jumping on the bed. It's fun! :)

The traditional gifts for a fifth anniversary are wood and silverware. We've never paid attention to that before but I thought it would be fun this year. So I gave Michael a new golf driver...and hey, they used to be made out of wood so it kind of fits.
I picked out my own gift this year :) and this is what it was...silver to wear. (again, close enough)

So...5 years down...and hopefully at least ten times that number left to go! Love you Michael!

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  1. Cute pics! You'll love looking at those when you're 50...or 80 :) And I love that necklace you picked out! Gorgeous.


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