Feb 22, 2010

My husband...the gold medalist in figure skating???

Congratulations Evan Lysacek on winning the gold medal in figure skating! I didn't actually get to watch much of the figure skating - but I did see the moment when Evan found out he had clinched the gold. Quite exciting!
Soon after Evan won, people started mentioning that they thought Michael and Evan look alike. And they do! Many friends and family have noticed this too but for me the funniest was when a woman we don't know came up to Michael and asked if he knew he looked like Evan Lysacek. Ha, ha, ha!

If you know Michael very well...you know that he is an excellent hockey skater. But figure skater? Ummm...no. We thought we'd have a little fun with it anyway and see how much they look alike. What do you think?


  1. That is amazing how much alike they look!! I love that you made him look like he's figure skating!! HAHAHA!!


  2. oh my word, you are so funny. i TOTALLY thought evan looked like michael! have you slipped & called michael "evan" yet? :)


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