Feb 15, 2010

Oodles of stadiums

One of the things we did on our vacation was visit stadiums...baseball stadiums mostly. Michael has seen all but a few of them now (Northern CA, Seattle, and Florida are the only ones left - and I'm sure we'll be planning trips there in the near future).
I went to the Dodgers stadium and the one in Phoenix - and Michael saw the others while I was in my conference. Here are a few pics for those of you who share the love of baseball and stadium engineering. :)
Dodgers stadium was first on the trip. (the only one we saw before the rain started) It was my favorite for sure with amazing views of everything from the Hollywood sign, to downtown LA, to the mountains. (In case you're interested maybe he'll do a post sometime and rank them all in his opinion. I know Pittsburgh is #1 and Dodgers is close to the top.)

Here is the Angels stadium and the Rose Bowl. Michael was thoroughly unimpressed by the Rose Bowl...and the Angels stadium ranked near the bottom of the others in the country for him.

I only saw the Padres stadium on the outside - but it seemed nice. I'm not sure where it ranked for Michael. One of the interesting things he learned about it is that the corner of the brick building (you can see it in the lower right pic if you click to make it bigger - it's labeled as the Western Metal Supply Co) actually IS the foul pole. It was some kind of historic building that they couldn't tear down when they built the stadium...so the stadium was built around it.

At the end of the trip we saw the Phoenix stadiums. The upper left is the football stadium - and the grass you see in that picture is the actual field that has been rolled outside to get sun. The baseball stadium had some interesting features too - not sure where this one ranked for Michael either. (although I know he's not crazy about domes)

While I find baseball to be...tolerable...and I truly do think the stadiums are interesting...these visits were not the highlight of the trip from my perspective. More pics to come on the other fun stuff we did.


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