Apr 16, 2010

Raindrops on roses...

Whiskers on kittens...snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...
I bet you're singing it with me right? Although I can't say that any of the things from the song are among my 'favorite things' - but here are a few that are at the moment.

1. JoJo's Num Nums
I'm always at a loss for something new to cook. (that I will like and the kids will eat too) My friend Joanna recently started a recipe blog and it's the best! You won't be sorry if you try some things. I recently made the 'Spaghetti Pie' and knew it was good when my husband had thirds - and the kids went back for seconds. We had it the next day for lunch and the same happened again! Yum! I actually made my grocery list this week based on some other things I want to try. :)

2. Promise Tangeman
This fabulous photographer and graphic artist has a great blog and is someone I pretty much just admire. She did the design, photography, and put the word out about my friend Holly and her little girl battling a brain tumor. (prayforkate.com)
I actually set time with her to do pictures of the hubs and I when we were in Phoenix but we weren't there long enough to work it out. Next time for sure!

3. Watching my friends run while I sit at home. :)
I trained for a marathon once...and about the point I was running 16ish miles I went skiing on vacation and ended up with a bum ankle just weeks before the race. (although it happened in a gracious fall...I assure you)
I hate running and the only reason I did it was to prove to myself I could do a marathon. Maybe once I'm done having babies one after another I'll give it another shot...maybe. In the meantime - I'm living vicariously through my friend Amy and 'Team Mitch.' They are inspiring...running in honor of a friend who recently died leaving his beautiful wife and young kids. They run to create a scholarship for aspiring pilots. Well done ladies - I'm cheering you on from my couch! :)

4. Wen
Cheesy alert - this is something from an infomercial. A week or two before Isa was born I had a disastrous hair coloring experience at a local place and it seriously damaged my hair. I literally can't get a comb through it when it's wet. So I thought something like this was worth a try. It is! It's more of a conditioner than a shampoo because it doesn't lather at all and feels like a thick lotion. But it works amazingly well and has done the trick.

5. Trex fencing
We have needed a fence since Elliott was walking basically. Now we REALLY need one because there have been several times (like today) when Elliott lets Emma outside when we don't even know it. Scary! Since we started looking I mostly knew what I did NOT want - and Trex has always been my dream. I've compared everything to it and all other products out there fall short. This is the only company right now with a high quality dark color pvc fence. It's gorgeous! Why does beauty have to be so expensive? So the dream of having a beautiful, perfect Trex fence ended today when I got the 6th quote on it (the 'best deal' we've been given so far) and the price tag was over $19,000! (and that is not even with installation - that's just the product itself)
As soon as I heard that - I went right down to another fence company we've worked with and put the deposit down on a much uglier (but semi-ok) fence. Bye, bye Trex. It was fun dreaming about you in my yard while it lasted.

6. The 60s
No...not the era. I'm talking about the weather! When the temps hit 80 I get pretty uncomfortable. (I'm not a hot weather fan) But I love, love, love the 60s and lower 70s. Today was a gorgeous day! I hope spring lasts a little while before we slip fully into the heat of summer.

7. Haverlee
There are lots of reasons I love my friend Haverlee - but I had to mention her on my favorites because she often leaves me comments on blog posts. I love comments because it lets me know people are actually reading. :) So if I'm following your blog watch out...I may be leaving comments much more frequently.

8. Paint
My last favorite on the list for today is paint. Any kind of paint...any color. I love how paint instantly changes the look of something. The basement is now painted (and just about done - yay!) and the paint made it all feel 'finished'. We also painted our kitchen and it made such a difference. I always liked having stark white walls with my white cabinets - but Michael couldn't stand it. So now our walls are dark, dark, dark...almost black and we love it! Inevitably when I'm pregnant...I always feel like painting something and changing things. I have 2 more rooms to paint this summer and can't wait! I love paint!


  1. I made your favorites??? Super big smile from me :) You're on my favorites list too....but I'm almost afraid to give you away as my best kept design genious secret!! I always think about giving you big props on my blog but I'm afraid you'll get swamped with requests from other non-savvy computer people like myself! So you have to give me permission first.

  2. mmmm- PAINT... I think every surface in my house has been coated in the last year... Charlie has his eye on the outside, and wants to try it himself. hummmm. We'll see. Sounds nice. So happy your basement is finished. And hey- I'm with you about the whole running thing. Maybe next year at this time, huh? - At least the DesMoines half?!

  3. WOW! I'm so tickled I made your favorites list! :) I'm HONORED! And just like you, I'm SO GRATEFUL when people leave comments on my posts just like you cause I too know then that people are reading! Sorry I haven't left any before now! :) I'm a hypocrite! :) BTW, CONGRATS on your next pregnancy! How sweet that is! Your children are ADORABLE!

  4. I forgot to say, Promises' husband is an AMAZING worship pastor too! :) Not one Sunday do we go to church that we don't feel so moved by the worship alone!!! :) I didn't know you were in Phoenix! NOT FAIR! You need to let me know next time and we'll have you for dinner!

  5. oooh, i can't wait to see your kitchen! sounds awesome. and the basement! yay! i'm thinking of jumping on the chalkboard paint bandwagon....

  6. FIRST.. been meaning to call you to say congrats on the pregnancy but I just haven't gotten around to it! I will try to do that soon!!

    Second.. you used WEN?? I have ALWAYS wanted to TRY IT!!! now, everytime I use my shampoo, I think to myself, I'm just drying my hair out and re-applying conditioner. :) We must discuss this.

    Three.. thank you for mentioning us. We all admit we would not be running without Michelle. We are just supporting her.


  7. Hi friend! Just thought I'd check out your blog. I love your list. :)

    I'm excited to see your basement and kitchen! You guys have been working so hard on the house. I've also missed seeing you lately, hope you are feeling well!


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