May 24, 2010

Don't you just love newborns?

Newborns are just cuddly and precious. I just love how tiny they are (unless they're like Elliott as a newborn and then I love how chunky and huge they are). :)
I got to spend some time taking pictures of adorable little Landon. I'm still editing more pictures but I had to share one that makes me smile each time I see it. Once Landon's mommy and daddy choose the rest of their pics I'll post some more.
Isn't he a cutie?

And I know it's been a while since I posted a new picture of my littlest cutie. Isa doesn't seem very little anymore. She is scooting all over (semi-crawling where she gets on her hands and knees and then just pushes herself around until she either gets where she wants to go or gets stuck under a piece of furniture). This week she also started trying to pull herself up on furniture. She's not quite strong enough - but it won't be long!


  1. Oh my gosh- those two little kiddo's are cute. I'm glad I'm related to both! :-)You do fabulous work Liz!

  2. Okay - those are great pictures!

    I'm Amy, a WRBC girl who hangs with your mommy in the nursery a lot :) I hear all about her lovely kids and grandkids and now I've become a blog stalker... :D

    Great Photos!


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