Jun 4, 2010

Senior Moments

I have 2 recent 'senior moments' to share - each quite different.

The first was mine. On Wednesday I dropped the kids off at my friend's house and went to work. My friend called me 15 or 20 minutes later to tell me a funny story. Elliott noticed that a little 'present' (aka poop) was left on the carpet. But they couldn't figure out who could have done that since the older kids are potty trained (yay Elliott!) and the younger ones all have diapers. Hmmmmm...how could that have happened?
Upon further inspection my friend realized that Emma was not wearing a diaper at all!

I seriously had changed her clothes, fed her breakfast, and loaded her in the car sans diaper! There was a lot on my mind...but still. Senior (or prego brain) moment! Sorry Allison!

The second senior moment is more fun. I got to take a gorgeous girl's senior pictures! I've never done those before but I'm so happy with how they came out. Could this girl be any more photogenic??? There were SO many I loved that I couldn't pick...so here's a bunch.

Claire, thanks for letting me try to get some senior pics for you. Congratulations on your graduation!


  1. those are fantastic Elizabeth! How do people just 'know' how to pose so effortlessly?

  2. all of these photos are BEAUTIFUL (photography & subject!). you are really rockin' your camera -- keep up the awesome work!


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