Nov 14, 2010

Common Sense

This is the first in what will be a small series of thoughts about areas in which product manufacturers could use a little more common sense about who uses their products...especially when it comes to children. Today's topic: the refrigerator.

Dear Refrigerator Manufacturer,

I don't have any statistics on this - but I would be willing to bet that 100% of households will have a child living in it or visiting it during the life of a given refrigerator. Right? So WHY would refrigerators not come with a built-in child lock automatically?

We stress over medicine caps but I bet more kids are injured or die after choking on food than ever did with medicine bottles before child-proofing became the norm. Why? Because medicine is usually up high in a medicine cabinet - but food is at kid level. (don't get me wrong - of course I'm a fan of child-proof caps on medicine)

When it comes to food, I have had to stop buying grapes because my kids go help themselves and grapes are a choking hazard...especially when left out for my smallest child. If the kids want to sneak a snack they can go in the fridge quietly and get out cheese or yogurt, etc. and hide it somewhere until they think they won't be seen eating it. Hello yucky, moldy, nasty food that has been hidden and then eaten! Ick!

I accept some responsibility that I need to consistently discipline my kids to stay out of the fridge...however...when it comes to safety issues and choking I want to ensure I am keeping them safe. I can discipline kids like crazy to stay out of the place where I keep household cleaners but I also have to keep those things locked up. In my opinion, food can be just as dangerous to children as those cleaners. They don't have common sense so we have to have it for them!

Please build child locks into your refrigerators. The after-market child locks don't work on most models and it can't cost that much to help a mom out by just adding a built-in lock!

A mom who is sick of spoiled food, fridge doors left open, and being nervous about what my kids will find to choke on!

Here's my little girl who constantly tries to sneak food out of the fridge. I've even caught her trying to eat a raw egg that she got from the fridge...thinking it would be a good snack. Ewwwww!

Stay tuned for a future 'common sense' post to car manufacturers.

1 comment:

  1. I think this is a great idea! I don't want Asher eating raw eggs either!!!


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