Nov 3, 2010

More of a mess...

Here are some more recent pictures of our house. The good news is that as of last Friday we have most things worked out with insurance so we can be in full put-back-together mode. Now we just have to pray that the weather cooperates so we can get our roof before the snow...because we can't insulate until the roof is on...and can't turn on the new furnace until the insulation is there because honestly - who wants to pay to heat a house when all the walls and ceilings are open to the outside?

I wish I could update more on the whole process but will have to do that in a few months. For now - here's a little food for thought. What does your insurance company pay for? Do you have code upgrade insurance? Hmmm...probably worth asking your insurance agent!

This used to be our bedroom. The hole in the middle of the back wall is where our bed was and the other side of the room has no walls at all anymore.

 This was the view from the kids' room that used to have a wall to the bathroom next to it. Not anymore. This view has actually changed quite a bit from this picture but I can't post an update yet.
 At least the leaves in the backyard can keep the kids occupied for a long time while we are over at that house. The dust on the inside is pretty incredible so it's great that the weather has been good enough for them to get some use out of our fence in the back. Plus, they actually can rake up a good amount of leaves...while I watch and don't have to rake any. :)


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