Jan 5, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

Right now that song is in my head..."If I had a million dollars I would buy you a fur coat, but not a real fur coat that's cruel!" Ha, ha! If you know that song...I bet it's in your head now too. You're welcome.

So I can't help but think about how nice (and how much faster) it would be to choose fixtures and decorate our house if we had unlimited funds. BUT - we don't so I have to spend countless hours trying to make the house LOOK like a million bucks instead. Well I am quite pleased with my latest find so I have to tell you about it!

If I could swing it I think most of my house would be some combination of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. And if I had completely crazy amounts of money I would have Maya Romanoff walls and a Habersham kitchen. One can dream.

Now back to reality. I have been searching high and low for the looks of some of these things at a cheaper price. Literally pouring over websites for hours on end. Here's the first major success that I ordered this week. It's the vanity for the kids' bathroom.

Here's the inspiration:

This is the Newport double sink console from Pottery Barn. The price is $2299 for the sink console only (that includes the shipping surcharge for it). Then the faucets are $349 each and on top of all that you'd have to buy the marble top which could vary in price but easily be $850+. So you're looking at almost $4000 for this look.
Here is our new double vanity. The backdrop in this picture is not nearly as stylish as the one above - but the unit is almost exactly the same! And the best part is that this console with very similar faucets and a carrera marble top and backsplash was all considerably less expensive than if I would have just bought the sink console by itself at PB! YAY!
Now if only I could have found a great deal on the lighting for this bathroom. After showing Michael a dozen or so options ranging in price - he of course chose the most expensive one...the actual Restoration Hardware lights. Not only that - but he decided that we needed to use three of them instead of just two. There are no knock-offs for those but they'll be gorgeous! It's all coming together...finally!

I'll post more finds in the future. Yesterday I actually found a fun blog that finds things like this too. Check it out if you want to find 'copy cat chic' things.


  1. We went with expensive lighting from Restoration Hardware too- it's worth it. I promise! Love this update!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!
    (honestly, your husband is convincing you to spend more money?? you're one lucky lady!!)


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