Jan 12, 2011

the one that got away

In the last post I shared about a good deal that I took advantage of. This post is about one I didn't...but should have!

I know myself pretty well. So why, oh why, didn't I go with my gut on this one?
When it comes to decorating I know pretty instantly what I like and I definitely know a good deal when I see one. Sometimes I really have a good feeling about something and know it's perfect...but second guess myself because it's a large purchase. This has happened many times and even years later I can still have a feeling of regret for not going with my gut instinct. Usually when I take too long to pull the trigger and go buy it, the item is no longer available! Maddening!

Well, it happened again.

The kitchen has been the last room I've been able to design and plan. We've spent a lot of time discussing and running numbers on whether or not to use all our existing appliances or getting all new ones. We currently have a standard stove unit with an overhead microwave/hood. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the one we have. My husband wanted a gas cooktop...but then we would have to get a different oven. So I picked out a wall oven and a microwave drawer (because I LOVE those!). We knew that the cabinets we had to buy would depend on the appliances we have and that can't be easily (or cheaply) changed later.

So new appliances was the plan. But have you checked into prices of things lately? Did you know that a built-in fridge can cost $7,000+?!?! Ridiculous! So are we getting new appliances? No.

Our decision was changed when I sat down with the cabinet people to order the new cabinets. On top of the cost for the actual appliances, the cost for cabinets alone was 50% higher if we went new. MUCH cheaper if we kept the same ones. (which was strange because the ones we have take up less space...meaning we are actually buying more cabinets...they're just not as 'specialty' as the ones for the new appliances)

I am fine with keeping what we have...especially since I know how beat up they will continue to get with kids. Stainless is the 'in' thing but I really hate it with kids. There are scratches on the stainless from the little ones driving cars across them, etc. I wouldn't recommend getting brand new expensive stainless unless your kitchen is a 'kid-free' zone. So maybe we'll get new appliances in 10 years. It gives me something to look forward to!

Space was always a major problem in our kitchen before (not anymore though...can't wait to post pictures in a couple more months) and the refrigerator was a big culprit since it was the largest single thing in the kitchen. Our solution to this issue is to recess the fridge into the garage so it will look more built in and take up less space. I really dislike our fridge and since I know I will never be able to bring myself to buy a single appliance that costs more than some good used cars do, I have occasionally been browsing Craigslist.

Enter...the regret! I found THIS amazing fridge. Exactly what I would choose with the handles that are straight and go the entire length of the fridge, it's semi-built-in so it's counter depth and much taller and wider than what we have. Perfect in almost every way including the price. $500!!! It sounded too good to be true.

I made an appointment to see it and we drove to a new area where all the houses are brand new and half a million+. Gorgeous development! Most of these houses had not ever been lived in yet...they're still model homes for their respective builders. The fridge had a minor dent at the very top - but that was it. We both looked at it and liked it but the story behind it seemed a bit 'fishy.' This house had not been sold - but the fridge was used. Hmmm?? And there was a new fridge in the kitchen of the place...the one we were looking at was in the garage. Hmmm again! We didn't get all the information about the people that we wanted to feel comfortable handing over $500 in cash.

After talking about it round and round we knew we both liked it and decided to take a chance and get it. It would be the perfect addition to our new kitchen. I called to confirm the sale the afternoon after we saw it and was TOO LATE! It had just been sold. The seller had even emailed me to ask if I wanted before he showed the other people. I was just too indecisive to grab it. (and the story behind the sale turned out to be very understandable...not shady at all)

Ugh. Michael keeps telling himself it probably was broken or something anyway. That doesn't make me feel better. I regret not buying it. Oh well. I'll come up with something to camouflage ours.

Right after we missed out on this one I searched other nearby large cities and found a few similar ones but that plan got nixed by my husband who said he won't drive 4 hours to go pick up a used refrigerator! So I think I'll just stay off of Craigslist for a while. (sigh)

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever see a good deal and not act on it quickly enough and kick yourself later?


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