Jan 25, 2011

Recent pictures

Here are a few recent pictures of what we've been up to lately. Not much actually. We've been staying inside a lot because, quite frankly, it's hard to get out with all of these little ones.
I'm often asked if it's hard to have 4 kids so young. The answer is 'no' for the most part. The craziness with 4 is just a little louder than what it was like with only 2 - but the work of it is about the same. The thing that is BY FAR the most difficult, though, is getting them all loaded up in the van and going anywhere. I don't think we've been on time for anything when we've all had to go! It literally takes me about an hour to get everyone in fresh diapers, shoes and coats on, and loaded up. It's hard! I have a post about the van coming soon...but for today here are some pics of the kids.

Here are the kids in their shirts made by my ever-so-talented sister-in-law Amanda. Adorable!
Elliott (and Emma) LOVE playing with the building set Grandma C got them for Christmas. He's showing off a plane he built here.
Emma loves to cuddle Henry! This picture was taken quite a while ago...before his 15 and a half pound little self was too big for her to hold like this!
Emma also loves mommy's makeup! She decided one day to wake up early, get mommy's makeup and 'play'. That was the demise of many of my makeup pieces because she not only drew a nice Charlie Chaplin-esque mustache on herself, but she also drew all over her bed (white sheets not such a good idea for her).
Isa has discovered a new found 'freedom' to get things off of the kitchen counter by climbing up the drawers! Fun! Most of the kitchen cupboards and drawers are empty in the rental since we didn't bring very many things with us. So I'm always finding the girls hiding in cupboards or climbing up drawers.
Isa also loves the tunnel and tent that Grandma and Grandpa J got the kids for Christmas.
And finally a quick house update. This is what the kids' bathroom looks like now! Ahhhhh...insulation!


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