Jan 29, 2011

Which do you prefer?

I'm pulling together some of the finishing touches for our house. But I want some opinions from YOU on which shower hardware we should choose for the 'master' bathroom.
It's a really tiny bathroom...it used to just be a powder room off of the bedroom on the main floor but we took out the closet that was in the bedroom and expanded the bathroom. What was the closet is now a shower. (and what was a hallway is now the closet)

Since the bathroom is so small we are able to choose some nicer tile and fixtures. It's on the main level and also the bathroom that guests will use. (if you've been to my house you may wonder how that's possible...but we've added a doorway from our family room into this newly expanded bathroom so you don't have to walk through the bedroom anymore)

So picture this...we have a frameless glass shower door on the shower and there will be floor to ceiling carrara marble tile 'mosaic' inside the shower. (it's not really a traditional mosaic - it's just different sizes of the same tile together)

Here's where I need your help. I love the look of exposed shower pipes....like the examples below. I think they're beautiful but my husband thinks they look like handicap showers and he would rather have a traditional shower head and knobs. What do you like better? You can vote using the poll on the right side of this blog.

Below is an up-close look at the handle system that comes out of the wall.
And another example of what one would look like in a shower.

1 comment:

  1. I can't vote because Amanda already voted. But I vote for traditional because I think you will grow tired of the exposed pipes. I also think they will be difficult to clean and too easy for kids to hang on.

    When do you move back in?



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