Feb 6, 2011


Quick update on the shower hardware debate. You all were split right down the middle. Half of you liked the exposed pipes while half liked the traditional.

So that little poll...didn't help at all! :)

We had to make a decision this weekend. I wanted something a little different than the ho-hum traditional...but my husband didn't want the exposed pipes. So we compromised on something different. I went to all of the big box stores and found nothing I liked. I also went to the fancy-schmancy upscale bath fixture showrooms and found several things I liked. (but price tags I didn't like!) So the compromise was...I found what I wanted at one showroom and then spent an hour or two looking online for the same thing.

Voila...shower jets! And we got them pretty cheap! Yay! The web surfing time is definitely worth it and I can't wait to try my new shower!


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