Feb 25, 2011

little jewel

A whole post about my little Emerald!
She's been quite a busy girl lately. She talks a LOT and seems so grown up!

Is it just me...or do all moms with baby girls dream about the day they can dress them up in something pink and make their hair cute!? We have the pink part down (she likes anything that's pink) so this first picture shows what was more of a big deal for mommy than Emma...her first pigtails! I've tried over and over throughout the last year or so to get her hair in pigtails or even just put a cute barrette in her hair. But Emma has never had much hair and didn't like keeping the clips in. On this day, she kept them in and looked adorable!
Here is another very girly and fun thing she has just started...tumbling! Our local ballet and dance school won't let little girls start in ballet until they're 3 but they do offer tumbling for younger kids. The first class, Emma sat in my lap for the first half and cried BUT as soon as they brought out the balance beam, she couldn't run to it fast enough! In the second class she jumped right in and didn't even care if I was there at all. :)

This last picture is from a while ago but shows some winter fun. Emerald loves the snow and would play in it all day if I'd let her. She doesn't even seem to get cold. (although I only let them go out if it's 30+ outside so it's warmer than 0 at least) She and Elliott built their first snowman and were very proud of it. OK, so that's a lie...mommy really built it..but they watched and kind of helped. :)
If the eyes and mouth look a little funny it's because they are animal crackers! (and yes, the kids ate them right after this picture was taken)


  1. Yes, every mom dreams of having a daughter so she can do her hair! at least I do!! for now I just have the memories of doing Piper's first pigtails and french braid :)

  2. I did dream of that until I had to actually do Layla's hair every day of her life for the past 5 years! I love that I don't even have to bruch Cooper's!

  3. Pink and sweet--that's what she is.


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