Mar 21, 2011

Baby Steps

We are making 'steps' to completing the steps. :) The hubs and I actually had a little getaway planned in mid-March. I had a conference in Florida so we were going to leave a day early and see some baseball stadiums and Spring Training games and relax a bit. BUT...last minute we decided to cancel the trip and work on the house. Boo!

I think it was a wise decision because we got a lot done, even though we would have loved to have some time away. My mom was going to watch the kids for a few days while we were away and amazingly, she offered to still take them! So she took the older 3 for an entire week while we worked on the house! Thanks mom!!

The first night, the staircase was ripped out...and slowly was put back over the next several days. (although it's still not done because we had to special order the bottom stair treads) I chose the color scheme for the entire house and began painting. The upstairs is completely painted now with only some trim work left.

We had a bit of a fiasco with our kitchen cabinets...they all came in wrong (store's mistake) and had to be reordered. So I either talked to or met with the sales woman every day to get the mess straightened out.

I also enjoyed my time with Henry. It was fun going out with just him and it brought me right back to the times I had with Elliott. People smiled and talked with us at stores while Henry would flash some big toothless grins and flirt with everyone giving him extra attention. :) He talked, coo'd and squealed more in those few days than we have ever heard so I think he loved having the undivided attention of his parents too.

But the poor baby had to hang out a lot in the middle of a construction mess. I don't think he minded all that much though. This is what he did a lot.
Here are the steps in varying stages of being torn up. They used to squeak and be off level - now they are perfectly level and squeak-free. I don't have a more recent picture yet, but the trim is now painted and the steps are stained a dark mahogany color.
The picture above is the newly tiled bathroom floor upstairs! This is the kids' bathroom and has since been painted a dark gray-blue and trim has been added!

Meanwhile, the older kids had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa. They even got to see their great-grandparents every day. Our goal is to have the upstairs completely finished by April so that if we had to move in soon we'd at least have 2 clean bedrooms and a working bathroom. Here's hoping...

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