Mar 24, 2011

Diary of a middle aged woman??

Well this year I'm looking at my birthday as another opportunity to teach Elliott some addition. A big number + 1 = a really old mommy

I actually have not minded any birthdays until now. There's nothing special about the number the calendar brought about this year. I just feel that I've aged 10 years in the past twelve months.

So why do I feel older now? My husband was in the best shape of his life (his words) at the age I am now. But alas, four babies in a row does not a good shape make. :)

But it's not just a physical aging, it just seems like a huge shift has occurred in the last few months in various parts of life. I've moved from being 'young' to dare-I-say-it 'middle aged' in many different circles. A few 20-somethings I know have started looking at me like I'm ancient and out of touch. Another friend who is close in age to me referred to herself as a 'middle aged mom.' At a recent girls' day out with some friends the topics of botox and wrinkle cream were part of the conversation!

So it's gotten me to think...what is my definition of 'middle-aged'...and how deep is my denial that it's possible I'm there?

I posted a little poll at the top right of the blog. Please weigh in and let me know what age you think of as middle-aged!


  1. Girl, you've had a lot go on the past year. give yourself a break. Your youth will return. You just need some breathing room.


  3. That's a really good I have not given much thought...I'm in my 30's, and was told that was middle age. But, I still feel young. But, middle age is always defined by people who are younger than you lol! If 100 was a maximum life span, then 50 is middle age.

  4. Middle age is 40-60 for the current "middle aged" generation. Most people in their 20s haven't even become functional adults yet. 30 is the new 20. I think you have a long time until middle age.

    Charlie (your much younger brother)

  5. I developed this time line a few years ago when I realized I was in my mid-twenties:

    Early 20s: 20-23
    Mid 20s: 24-26
    Late 20s: 27-29

    This basically splits the decade into thirds, putting the extra year in the early category because it seems like a stretch for a 23 year old to be in their mid 20s. I think this works for any decade (early 30s would be 30-33, etc.) and even holds true on a larger scale as well:

    Youth: 0-39
    Middle-aged: 40-69
    Latter-years: 70-99 (and up)

    Again, the time is split into thirds with the excess falling in the first category. So far this is holding true in your poll as well. Having said that, enjoy the last several years of your youth and get ready to soon be married to a middle-aged man.

  6. Middle-aged is five years older than me!!!!



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