Apr 5, 2011

Chores, Shmores

I just finished doing the chore that I hate the most in the world. It completely grosses me out. Do you have chores like that? The ones you practically gag doing?
I don't really mind changing diapers, cleaning toilets, dusting, taking out the garbage, cleaning windows/mirrors, etc. The chores I find the yuckiest have to do with dishes. Washing dishes by hand grosses me out a little. But the most dreaded chore for me is cleaning out the filter in my dishwasher! Ick! Ewwwww. Thankfully it's only a job that has to be done occasionally.

In my crazy head...I don't consider my house clean (I mean really clean) unless every surface you can think of has been scrubbed. So let's just say...my house is rarely actually clean. Tidy, sure. But if there's a pile of paperwork that needs to be filed, toys that need to be disinfected, soda cans in need of recycling, dust on top of the doorframes, or a dishwasher filter that needs to be washed out...then I don't feel like my house is actually clean
I'm good at procrastinating the chores I don't like...such as the dishwasher filter. This means that my house is only truly clean a couple times a year. It's shocking!

I'm curious...what are the chores you dread the most?


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