Apr 28, 2011

Dress up

We have had a busy week with a fun Easter weekend and then trip to meet my precious new nephew. I'm working to process a ton of pictures but for now will just post one of my favorites.

I took the kids to the Mall of America for an afternoon and we had so much FUN! I really wanted to go to shop a little at H&M...but the kids wouldn't let me look for clothes for myself. They were ok looking around in the kids' section and got some cute clothes for summer. At one point, I heard the store employees laughing and saying things like 'she's so cute.' They were looking at my sweet little Emma who had been grabbing jewelry, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat and had been walking around the store adding more accessories to her 'look.'

Elliott got her to wear a different hat he found and I got them to stand still enough to snap this picture. These crazy kids make me laugh!


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