Apr 18, 2011

My little gordito found his toes

Henry is in one of my favorite baby stages right now. I LOVE when babies start realizing their hands are attached to their bodies and they can reach and grab things...like their toes. Adorable!

Henry started rolling from his tummy to his back a few weeks ago and now surprises us by flipping the other way from time to time. Note to self: you can't leave a rolling baby in the nap nanny anymore...he ends up on the floor. :)

I've been getting ready for a big garage sale and have been getting little boy clothes out to sell. Thankfully, I came across this little t-shirt from Los Pollitos Dicen that I got for Elliott and it fit Henry. What a cute gordito! :)

1 comment:

  1. You better tell me what you're selling before your sale- I call fist dibs!
    And Little Henry is ADORABLE!


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