May 20, 2011

All the trimmings

Thank you all for your comments and thoughts about the 'one level or two' question for the kitchen peninsula. We have made a decision...but I won't reveal it for a while so you'll just have to wait. :)

I thought I would post one more exciting bit of progress on the house...trim! I really believe that the quality of the trim work sets the tone for the whole house. You can spend tens of thousands in a remodel but if the trim looks bad you won't be able to achieve an overall better look.

Thankfully, I'm married to a perfectionist when it comes to making the trim fit perfectly without having gaps or looking like the angle cuts were off. He has learned a few tricks to make it all look perfect and has done a great job.

Unfortunately, there is not enough budget left to buy all new doors so we're trying to sand them down as best as possible and just changing out the trim around the doors. We also had to skimp on some of the materials which makes me thankful that all the trim is being painted white anyway. This is a picture of the trim in the new entryway to the dining room. The crown molding has all been replaced and you can see the wide doorway trim that started out flat and then was layered with different pieces on top of that to create the profile you see.

Little by little these types of finishing touches mean we're closer to moving back in!


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