May 14, 2011

Potty Talk

When you have 4 small children...3 of which are still in diapers...there's a lot of potty talk going on each day. Words like 'potty,' 'pee-pee,' and 'poopie' are all very common.
My opinion on potty training is that there's no use in fighting your child if they're not ready. I use the same philosophy with starting solid foods for babies - why do I want to torture myself and my child until they actually want to eat the food...or are annoyed enough with a dirty diaper to stop going in it.

Emerald has showed NO interest in using the 'big potty'...until yesterday. Yesterday was little Emma's third birthday. She woke up and said 'Mommy, I'm 3 now and I can use the big potty.' And...she did. Somehow her transition to being a 'big girl' happened overnight and she decided that being 3 was a good enough reason to stop being in diapers. A complete change and it literally happened overnight.

As a side note...Elliott was potty trained overnight as well. One day we told him he couldn't play Wii anymore unless he stopped wearing diapers and that's all it took. He hasn't worn a diaper since...even during the night.

2 down...2 kids left in dipes.

Happy Birthday to my big girl! (more pics to come of her adorable little self from her birthday)

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  1. This makes me feel better. I'm doing the same thing with Asher- and sometimes I feel like he's super behind in the eating dept. (but obviously if you look at him is quite fine)'s just that most 7 mo olds are eating three meals from a jar... I'm still nursing all day and no help from the bottle (unfortunately). That's the only part that's getting old. But maybe one day or night he'll just decide to eat and drink from someone other than me! phew!


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