Jun 13, 2011

Faucet Opinions

I want your opinions in another little poll about our kitchen. I ordered the countertops and sink last week (I LOVE them and will post details at some point) but have had a big dilemma about how many holes to have drilled in them for the faucet. I hadn't chosen a faucet yet...woops! So I have a couple more days to change what I told them if I find a faucet that needs something other than 3 holes drilled.

Here are the necessities:
A sprayer (but it could be integrated in the faucet or a separate sprayer next to the faucet)
High neck (we like the look of tall faucets as well as their functionality in getting large pots to fit under them)
Built in soap dispenser (we will have at least one hole drilled for a mounted soap dispenser...if the faucet we choose doesn't come with one we'll add it separately...a serious MUST have for me!)

Now here are the choices I have sourced so far. I like them both...just not sure if we went with the second one if people would think it looks weird. Let me know your honest opinion on the poll at the right and in comments. They both have a pull-down sprayer that is built in...so if you have a pull-down sprayer and like it or don't - let me know why.

Option 1

 Option 2
 Oh, and one last thing. I'd also love to know what finish you like on a kitchen faucet. I don't have a poll for that so feel free to leave a comment. Do you like brushed nickel, stainless, chrome, or something else??


  1. Written shark tank style:

    The first looks too much like a minibar faucet with a very tiny handle. And I’m just not sure the arm of the faucet or the arms of the small children who will use the faucet will have enough reach to make it functional. For that reason, I’m out.

    The second would be a nightmare to keep clean. With faucets you have to constantly wipe them down to keep then shiny. Here the wire would get full of spaghetti sauce and crud be tough to keep looking good. I like the idea, but it’s not for me. I’m out.

    I like you, and I like the trendiness of your faucets. But I’m not sure mainstream America will get it. For that reason, I’m out.

    In the end it’s about money. It always is. Pick something that you can afford.

  2. Ha ha! Just to be clear...the above comment is from my witty husband!

  3. Yeah, I'd choose option 1, although I think both are not very mainstream - so if you plan on ever selling the house down the road, it might not appeal to others. But option 2 would definitely be a nightmare to keep clean - and the only place I've ever seen a style like that is mounted above the stove as a pot-filler. My favorite finish is oil-rubbed bronze. Definitely in style these days!

  4. Option 1 is the best for your kitchen. If you plan to hire a professional dishwasher, then go with Option 2. Brushed nickel should be the default, or look for something that otherwise matches your kitchen hardware. I really look forward to watching a movie in your basement someday.


  5. Anonymous (not your husband:)June 13, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    I like 1, don't really care for 2. Brushed nickel doesn't show water spots and smudges.

  6. LOL! I like the commenters this round. and I too love the look of shiney faucets, but would never chose it again- they are too hard to wipe clean. brushed nickel for sure. and the opt. 2 is WAY to hard to clean- been there done that. :-P
    Good luck!

  7. Oh- I don't think you'll like that handle long term. ---imo

  8. When you are done with this project and have gathered everyone's opinions, I would like you to come and do my house! I'm sure you have learned so much! I love #2, I don't think it's strange at all! But it definitely says, "Hello, I am the faucet!" I have one that is a mix between 1 and 2, it's industrial looking, but doesn't have the springy thing. It's brushed nickel and has a pull down sprayer. I like the pull down sprayer because with one hand I can do it all. I'm not picking up a separate sprayer. Funny you mention the built in soap dispenser. I actually forgot I had one until you mentioned it! I'm not sure why I don't use that thing anymore. I'm going to the kitchen right now to refill it :)

    One more thing... I saw a home remodel where they put a foot pedal on the floor, under the counter so that when your hands are nasty, you just push the pedal and the water turns on. I loved it! It was only a $250 add. I know there are kitchen faucets now that you can wave your hands in front of, like in public restrooms, but I loved that pedal. It was a little retro and very functional.

  9. I think everyone seems to be underestimating your cleaning skills by saying that option 2 is too hard to keep clean. I believe in you. That being said, I would go with the dolphin faucet shown here: http://www.lagunasfancyfaucets.com/



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