Jul 18, 2011

Cake Pops

We have been in major down-size mode for a while...trying to sell or give away tons of stuff so we don't have to move it back into the house. I took a huge box of books and games to Half Price Books and sold it all. (And actually made more money on things there than I asked for at our garage sale! Score!) But they are crafty little sellers and while you're selling things to them they make you wait in the store and browse for a little while.

Well...they got me to buy something. I certainly didn't need any new books, but I had wanted to try making some cake pops for a while and I found this great book by Bakerella. I whipped up a quick batch for the kids to try them. (they picked the style they wanted) I was surprised at how difficult they were to make but I didn't fuss too much trying to make them perfect. Next time I'll do a few things differently to make the candy coating more smooth. But here's what they looked like...a fun little treat.

These strawberries were made with strawberry cake and chocolate frosting.
 These little teddy bears are enjoying the swimming pool. Emma especially loved the pink bikinis on the girl Teddy Grahams. :)

 They licked the sticks clean. Yum!


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