Jul 4, 2011

What could happen?

How much damage could 3 children possibly do with 5 minutes of unsupervised time and 4 Sharpie markers?? I wish I didn't know the answer to that...

A couple weeks ago the kids were being especially rambunctious (aka naughty) and I gave each of them a long time out...to be served in their room upstairs. I didn't hear a peep and thought maybe their time out had turned into a nap (a mother can only dream) until I saw my little Isa run downstairs stripped down to her diaper and Sharpie marker lines all over her body.

I'm not a fast runner...but I full out ran upstairs to see what else had been drawn on. I gasped as I rounded the corner to my parents' bedroom and saw this on their white carpet...

I was in shock as my eyes wandered around the entire room and saw marks on EVERY surface!!! Not only had they drawn on the carpet, but had also blessed the walls, trim, furniture, bedding, television, mirrors, window blinds, clothes hamper and even some clothes with their fancy artwork!

Thankfully, my parents were away for the day and I quickly googled "How to Remove Sharpie Marker" finding lots of good tips on getting the marks out. By the time my parents saw the damage it was pretty much invisible on the carpet...it came off the mirrors, TV, and most of the furniture. The walls and wallpaper were a loss though and we've tried everything with no luck.

I'm doubly thankful that my parents had such a good response about it and saw all the little 'memories' my children left on their walls.

Moral of this story...ban Sharpie markers from homes with small children. :) (or I could try to keep all 4 children in my sight at all times which is pretty much impossible...so bye bye Sharpies...see you in a few years)


  1. Oh liz. I was so hoping to see a post with pictures. After I heard this story, i'm sorry, I was laughing, but probably in dismay like you. OH DEAR. What a memory. Mom is so good at taking things in stride. What a blessing. phew!~

  2. Oh goodness! :) I too had to laugh! Sorry! :( This would've been DEVASTATING if it had been my kids!!! Glad it wasn't! :) Not sure I'd have had as much patience as you had! :) I'm sure you tried Mr Clean Magic Eraser!? That has gotten every last thing I can think of off the wall, however, a sharpie is one thing I haven't had to remove from walls! :) Just a thought! :)

  3. You've got the makings of some future children's literature books. Just keep track of all the details and you'll have a series of best sellers. You could title them "The Little Pack" series.


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