Aug 4, 2011


I recently read an article that said women who experience high stress in mid-life have a much greater risk of developing dementia later.
Yikes! High stress at mid-life? Ummm...I'd say I fit in that category right now. And, I guess, I'm ok with it. I think I'd much rather let my mind go first than watch my body go downhill first.
So to my children and have my permission to put me in whatever kind of home you want to make your lives easier when my dementia sets in. Just pick one nice enough that you want to visit pretty often. :)

Speaking of nursing homes and retirement communities...I'd like to sign up now. My grandparents have been living in an 'over 55' place that is basically like a cruise on land. You have a gorgeous apartment, meals provided if you want them, and someone who cleans for you if you want it. There are planned activities that you can do or not, a huge gym, a pool, and lots of friends built right in.'s like being on a cruise ship. Count me in for that.

My grandpa has recently needed more care than he could get at the cruise-like he's now in a nursing home and it is also pretty fantastic! It's more like an economy cruise without the extra features but great people helping take care of him, good meals, and again...lots of activities and friends. Not bad.
Here are the kids and my Nana going to visit him.


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