Aug 30, 2011

Floored...part 2

Thanks to some help from my fantastic brother-in-law, the first floor hardwood has been sanded down and is ready to be stained. It looks great and after they're finished...there's only some base trim to put on and then the furniture can be moved in!!! The house looks like a house again! Unfortunately...even though it sounds like we're almost done we're still several weeks away and we'll be moving in to a house with no working kitchen sink, stove, no kitchen floor tile, no doors on any of the rooms, no master shower, etc., etc. BUT at least we'll be in and the rest can come together over time.

This is the view from the kitchen looking through the dining room. 
And here is our master bedroom.
The dark floors will obviously change the look a lot. More pics to come when they're done...


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