Aug 1, 2011

Princess Emerald

Emerald sometimes thinks she's a princess...and...ok...sometimes we tell her she is. :)

Today she was on the 'big potty' and asked if her friend Cinderella could call her. It's too cute. So we arranged a call from Cinderella. (go here if you want details on how to do that)

Her princess talk today made me remember that I never posted pictures of Emma's third birthday...where she actually got to be the princess for a day. So better late than's my girl.
Emma's choice of birthday activities was to go to Monkey Joe's with Daddy. It's an inflatable place and it turns out...we were the only people there for most of the time that day. We love going there for many reasons, one of which is that adults can go down the slides with the kids. :)
Grandpa J came and acted like a 3-year-old right along with Emma too! :)
And this is pretty much what Henry thought of it all.

Back at home, the princess party continued with a craft. We all made pretty crowns. Henry actually had a blue 'prince' crown until Isa decided she'd rather have his and gave him this one.
 Emma's presents were all very 'girly' things like purses, shoes, this dress-up dress, bracelets, etc. I couldn't stop snapping pictures of her all glammed up - it was adorable!
 The mirror was another gift for her to have in her new room. The perfect little thing for my little princesses to gaze at themselves. :)

Isa and Emma have had lots of fights over these shoes (there are 4 pairs but they still fight over the pink ones).
I tried to take some 3 year pictures of Emma but she wouldn't really cooperate. This is pretty much what I got:
 Happy (late) Birthday Emerald!


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