Sep 9, 2011

The Perfect Popcorn Bowl

You've probably seen the ads for Orville Redenbacher's new Pop-Up Bowl where the popcorn bag itself becomes a bowl. I got a sample of it in the mail and it's a pretty nice idea. (although somehow I managed to burn the popcorn to a crisp in the bowl so I didn't actually get to taste it)

Since we've been 'homeless' for the last few months...we've spent LOTS of time in the car driving the 2 hours each way to see the hubs. I've been listening to the radio quite a bit more than usual...especially talk radio. One of the personalities on this station was talking about how he doesn't need to buy this expensive specialty bowl popcorn because EVERY bag can do this.

Why didn't I think of that? :)

Most people open the popcorn bag at the top and then if you try to eat out of the bag you get your hands all icky with butter and salt. But...if you cut the side of the bag...voila...popcorn bowl. Try works!


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