Oct 3, 2011

Sew Cute

My baby girl just turned 2! Most of the time I think of Isa as much older than 2 because she keeps up with the older kids so well...especially when she has surprised me this week by pretty much potty training herself. Good girl. :)

We celebrated her birthday with a couple different celebrations and I was busy sewing her a 'big girl' dress as a gift. More on that near the end of this post...

For her first birthday celebration of the week, I got some fun pasta (Isa's favorite food) at World Market that has shapes like birthday cakes and presents. We had a second celebration when we drove back to see Daddy for a few days. M and I took her out for a special birthday dinner while the oldest 2 kids were at Awana.

We gave her a few tiny (and super cheap) gifts to open. She got more fun stuff from both sets of grandparents. We weren't going to do anything more in the way of gifts...but I just happened to go to the fabric store (for another project that I'll blog about when completed) and came across a pattern for an adorable dress. I HAD to make it for my precious Isa. But with my sewing skills...I'm just glad it got finished and didn't fall apart on her! :)

Emma and Elliott were completely in awe of the sewing process. I used my grandma's old, but fantastic, sewing machine to sew the mis-matched fabric I chose. My dad admitted that when he first saw my fabric choices he thought it would look terrible...but liked the end result. Me too. And Isa too...and she's the opinion that matters.

It took me two or three days to finish the dress. Most of the hold up is that I had to be shown several times how to thread the machine because I kept forgetting. I also wanted to sew different parts of the dress with 'invisible' thread which is basically fishing line and was finicky to say the least. Another time killer was a typo on the pattern (grrrr) that made me sew something wrong and then rip it apart. But the work and frustration was worth it when she put it on. She was SO cute!
Isa loves pockets so the little pocket on the apron was perfect for her. Actually, the whole apron on the front can unbutton and come off. The dress was cute without it too.

The last time I sewed anything for one of the girls was for Emma's first birthday. I made her a little pair of bloomers. I'm thinking of going out and buying some pink and uber-girly fabric and making a dress for Emma with this same pattern...but we'll see if I get up the ambition again. (And want to spend the money...it was definitely more expensive to sew this than to just buy a cute dress somewhere.)

Happy 2nd Birthday Isa! We love you!

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  1. I would like to take all four of them on my lap at one time and hug them all at the same time.
    They are so precious. Thanks for all the blogs.


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