Oct 11, 2011

Smitten with the Kitchen

Update: The poll is now closed and was pretty split down the middle...6 for the dark blue and 6 for the light gray. No one voted for white and there was one vote for 'Other.'

Your opinions are requested once again for this kitchen project...the poll is to the right and the details are near the bottom of this post. You all are the best and I love hearing what you think! :)

The house is looking more and more finished all the time and soon we'll moving back in. Lots of projects are in the 'not necessary to move in' phase but still need to be done later...like having doors...and a kitchen sink. But all in all I'm loving the progress. Great job Michael!!!

Here's a recent kitchen picture. My brother-in-law came to the rescue a couple weekends ago to help get the floor tiles down. Unfortunately, we were short by about 30 square feet of tile because my wonderful husband decided that all of the appliances needed to be pristinely tiled under. So...more tile is on order and should be here soon so he can grout.

The floor is slate and we're using black grout and a sealer that makes the tile darker. So when it's done...the floor will all just look dark gray/black-ish. We looked at all kinds of tiles and wanted to find larger sized tiles for the floor...but slate is so uneven we were afraid our chairs wouldn't sit straight on it and...we got this tile for a ridiculously low price...so it was a no-brainer choice. I really like it and love how it goes with the countertops.

 M also put up the backsplash as you can see in the pictures. We chose the glass/travertine mosaic from this post. It's not grouted yet either (the grout will be white) and it's hard to see because I added a bunch of stainless steel tiles to it (as well as white and clear glass ones) and they're covered up with tape at the moment. But...you can start to imagine what it will look like. And when I think about the old kitchen...I just fall in love with this one more and more!!

Now to the poll on the right...what color would you paint the walls?

Here are my options: (leave a comment if you come up with something different you think would look better)

Option #1: A semi-dark gray/blue...I know this would break all the kitchen design 'laws' because blue is supposed to be the least appetizing color...but the backsplash is gray/blue and it would be the same color that is in our upstairs bathroom. Also keep in mind that the dining room is directly off the kitchen and has gray walls with blue accents on rug, curtains, etc.

Option #2: A light gray...It would pick up on the light gray in the countertops and still keep the kitchen light feeling overall while making the white cabinets stand out since the walls would be slightly darker. Most of the first floor has some variation of gray on the walls (semi-dark gray walls in the dining room, dark gray in the master bedroom, light gray in the lower bathroom, and black in the living room).

Option #3: White...I love white kitchens. M doesn't. But with the backsplash we're bringing in colors to contrast with the light countertops and cabinets so the white could be nice and bright.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I'd go with a "light gray/blue" -something that would pull from the color that the clear glass tile puts out- I know it's not colored-but you know the color of glass. I'd keep the walls lighter I think.


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