Oct 10, 2011

A whole hand full

My first baby...my little Elliott...is 5 years old! A whole hand full! :)
Some words that describe this little boy: sweet, loving, helpful, silly, precious, smart, outgoing, fun...and I could go on, and on about this little guy.
I am always amazed at his hand-eye coordination (someday I'll post a little montage video of him playing baseball starting as soon as he could hold himself up against a piece of furniture). He is also very competitive and motivated by winning something. (very goal oriented) He loves numbers and is a quick learner (when he wants to learn something, that is).

He has a fantastic laugh!

It's amazing to think that he is 5 and truly is a 'big boy' now in the way he helps his brother and sisters, buckles his own seatbelt, obeys mommy and daddy (most of the time), and gives big bear hugs!

Here are a few recent pictures of my sweet baby 5 year old.

First day of preschool with his favorite new thing...his backpack. He took in a couple hugs from Daddy before he went inside and then was off and loving his new school!

The boy with a thousand faces...

We got to wake up on his birthday morning and see cousin Asher for a few minutes to wish them both a Happy Birthday since their birthdays are only a day apart. Asher is ONE!
Elliott was thrilled to go to church and pick something out of the 'birthday box.' He seriously talked about it for a couple weeks and told everyone he knew that he was excited to go to church that day. So...he went to church and chose a fun little notebook out of the box. I think it was one of his favorite things he got to do on his birthday!
After lunch we had cupcakes for him and he got to open a couple presents like this Hot Wheels wall track set. I have to say I think it is a genius idea to make a track that hangs on the wall so you don't have to clutter up your floor...and so that I can easily take the lowest pieces off to keep Henry from destroying them while Elliott isn't playing with it. Can't wait to set it up in his new bedroom next week!!
The birthday celebration will continue with another party when we get back home with Daddy this week.
Happy Birthday Elliott! We love you!


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