Nov 1, 2011

Boys' room computer died and I had to wipe it clean and start over. Yuck! But I'm back up and running now and MOVED INTO MY HOUSE. It's time for a quick house update. We're kind of going room by room trying to finish up things and feel a bit settled. It'll be a while since we still don't have a working kitchen...but the girls' room is semi-put together and now the boys' room is too. Here's a peek...

 The drywallers did a less-than-stellar job on one of the boys' walls (there used to be a gaping hole on this wall and then it was covered up with a very bumpy/weird patch of drywall. So I begged my husband to do a wall treatment similar to what he did in Elliott's first nursery. This was a LOT of work since he had to sand all the wood down, make it fit, trim it out, and putty it like crazy in the joints that were still really rough wood) but it looks great! (And for those of you who have been in this room in my house...what you're looking at below is where the closet used to be. BIG change!)
Another thing that was a lot of work was this stripe. Looks simple enough but since half of the walls are plaster and half are drywall we had to texture them all to look like the old plaster. Not easy to get a clean paint line but I like how it turned out. The boys' curtains are blue and will have reddish orange accents (like the Hot Wheels tracks). Once the door is on the room you actually won't see much of this part of the stripe...the door will mostly cover it when it's open.
Here's another angle of the room. You can see the disassembled crib in the foreground. I had to paint it white and now it's all put back together and ready for little Henry! Lots of finishing touches left to go but it's getting closer every day!
I'll post more pics when it's actually set up for the boys. Elliott is QUITE excited to finally have his room ready.


  1. Great job on the room! Love it! Our house also has a combo of drywall/plaster due to renovations we've done, and we've done a lot of skim coating plaster so everything matches...hard, messy work, but so worth it! I love the wood plank ceiling!

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