Nov 22, 2011

The Midwestern 'Ocean'

When my kids ask why we don't go back to the 'beach' and 'ocean' more often...they are not actually talking about the Atlantic or Pacific. They are talking about the waterparks in Wisconsin Dells. The salt water wave pools are about as ocean-like as you can get in the they're not that far off, I guess.

A few months ago my parents graciously let all of us kids and grandkids tag along on their vacation to the Dells and fun was had by all! :) If you haven't been...I highly recommend going at some point. It's a big tourist place with lots of fun hotels. Sort of like Vegas...but instead of casinos everywhere...there are waterparks!

Since we hadn't had any 'fun' time with Michael for a long time...the kids ate up the playtime and attention they got with him.
We stayed in a big lodge that had 4 bedrooms and lots of space for all of us. The resort had several different waterparks attached to it and also a humongous tree-house-like play area for the kids. They loved it!
The hubs and I sat through a timeshare presentation (thanks for the advice Haverlee!) and got free tickets for everyone to go on the Duck Boats. The kids are still talking about them. The Ducks are vehicles that can drive on land and float in the water so you get to tour the area and see what you normally couldn't just from a boat or the road.
 Cousin Asher!
Henry loved the water but would never stay in one spot very long. He wanted to crawl everywhere and his poor knees got pretty raw from the concrete. It kind of looks like sand at the beach though. Below is the wave pool area. The girls loved going on the rafts on the waves...but as you can see...Isa was lulled to sleep a few times by the waves.
This was my first trip to the Dells since high school. Although Elliott and Emma got to go with my parents to a different resort last year right after Henry was born. They still remember that too. What a fun place to make fun memories!


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