Nov 2, 2011

Mold is only good on cheese

OK...that's a lie. I don't even like moldy cheese...but I DEFINITELY detest moldy furniture! We had a surprise waiting for us when we went to get our furniture out of storage to move back into the house.

Would you like to come over and sit on our couch or lay on our nice mattress?
The really sad part about it is that, of course, insurance doesn't cover things like this...although an adjuster is coming to look at it just to appease us. The place refuses to step up and pay for it even though they admitted it has happened to other tenants. It reminds us of the saga associated with getting the house water damage paid for by insurance. It's sad that they wouldn't cover some of the damage (after their adjuster lied about what he saw) and shorted us by tens of thousands of dollars...and now we have to buy a new couch too. You might say it's the last straw. Our trust of insurance companies is certainly gone...our faith in people doing the right thing is gone too. Sad!

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