Nov 4, 2011

Too Much Candy

What a weird concept...go to someone's door, knock and candy will appear! The trick with young kids is getting them to realize they can't always go up to people's doors and ask for's a once-a-year thing. :)

The fun began at our local zoo on Saturday night. The kids walked through the zoo gathering candy and looking at the animals. Apparently there was record attendance at the zoo's event this year. I can believe it because we tried to go on an earlier day and couldn't even find a parking spot. Craziness!

Our street isn't one for trick-or-treaters so on Sunday night we went to a friend's neighborhood. Since Halloween was actually on Monday this year, though, another friend's neighborhood had trick-or-treating that night. So...we went there too. That's THREE times this year! Whoa!

Elliott also had a party at preschool where he got to dress up and get candy. All combined...the candy fills a box and hasn't seemed to lessen this week even though every snack comes from the box.

Here are my cutie pies this year.
Elliott the Vikings player. He got a lot of extra candy with this outfit because any homes where a Vikings fan lived would give him extra candy!
Although, he also got lots of jeers from people that went right over his head. Several would say 'Go Pack' when he'd walk by or make a silly comment. One woman at the zoo asked if he was supposed to be Adrian Peterson to which he replied..."No, I'm Elliott." :)
Emma wanted to be Elmo this year. This is the same costume Elliott wore when he was 3 and I was really surprised she chose this over something pink and girly...but she looked adorable. Everywhere we went there were other kids pointing out "Elmo" and were excited to see her! She loved it! :)
Isa was a cute little pink poodle. She has a funny run and it was even more adorable with a pink wagging tale and ears! :)
I made an attempt to get all the kids together for a picture. Elliott was ok with Isa hanging on his arm but as soon as Emma touched him...he was done!
 Henry had two costumes. The night we went to the zoo it was pretty warm so he had this silly glow-in-the-dark shirt that said "this is my costume". The other nights were much colder so he was a spider.
 Candy overload.
 They're already dreaming about next year. Can't say I blame's a pretty fun concept for kids.

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  1. That spider costume is so cute. I might have to borrow that next year for baby boy if it belongs to you! And how depressing about your furniture!! Wow-that is horrible. Hope neither of them were new-ish


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