Dec 21, 2011


The house is pretty much unpacked and is feeling more put together all the time. I'm a bit scared to post this...but want to give you some perspective. When we first got all of our stuff delivered from storage, this is what we had to deal with...
Shocking, right? It was like that for a couple weeks in various stages of being cleaned up. The biggest problem was that all the appliances were in the dining room since the floor wasn't done in the kitchen. I started unpacking the kitchen stuff since most of the moving boxes had kitchen items in them. Now all I can say is ahhhhhh. It feels so good to have the complete craziness behind us.

Don't misunderstand...we still live daily with tools spread out somewhere...but when I get overwhelmed by looking at this...

I open this cupboard and take a deep breath. Ahhhhh. It's like a little promise of what is to come once the basic parts of the house are put back together. Organization...isn't it the best stress reliever?
Allow me to share a quick little insight into the cabinet in the picture above.

Imagine you are tired and frustrated by the never-ending house projects and don't get to see your family because they can't live in the house with you until the major items are done. I'd be trying to do things as quickly as possible...wouldn't you?
Well...that was life for my fantastic husband for TOO LONG. The problem, though, with doing things quickly is that the quality of work is different than when you can take your time. Consider this cabinet for instance. When you are by yourself and can't find a stud to hang the upper cabinet on the first try...try, try again...and don't worry about the holes that you create.
I can't imagine hanging a cabinet like this by myself and am completely impressed that he even attempted it. I don't care about a couple little holes...I just wanted to find a way to cover them since you could see them when I unpacked dishes and put them in this cabinet.

Hmmm...what to do about that?
I looked for a sticky white shelf paper that would blend in so you'd never know...couldn't find any.
I looked for a fun wallpaper to stick up in the back...couldn't find one I liked (that was in a reasonable price range).
I even thought about gluing fabric to the back of the cabinet...and may do that later to change the look up when I'm tired of this.
In the end, I headed to Michael's and bought some fun, sparkly scrapbooking paper. Perfect for the holidays and overall just makes me happy when I open the door and see light glimmering back at me from behind my dishes.

Here's the paper I chose.
I cut the pieces to size and used double-sided tape to stick them up. I'm happy with how it turned out. (And in case you're wondering about the backsplash...I'll post more about it at some point when it's finished. For now just trust me that it looks weird in these pictures. It's actually mostly translucent glass and stainless steel pieces that goes well with the sparkly gray paper in the cabinet. I just can't get a good picture of it yet. Stay tuned.)

Has anyone else done this? I'd love to hear what materials you used and see pictures. I plan on changing the look every once in a while and would love more ideas.


  1. Oh my goodness, you should be in the running for sainthood! There is NO way I would have the patience for this project! It looks WONDERFUL!


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